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dzisiaj: 9 czerwca 2023
w Esensji w Esensjopedii

I Am Zombie: Field Manual

Mark Rein-Hagen
‹I Am Zombie: Field Manual›

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TytułI Am Zombie: Field Manual
Data produkcjimaj 2015
Wydawca Make Believe Games
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Opis wydawcy
Alive or Dead? Open for debate.
Decaying. Lost. Ravenous.
On the fast lane to the Road to Perdition.
Think you’ve got problems? Try this half-life on for size.
WARNING! Read at your own risk.
If you’re still human, STOP! This book is not for you. Walk away before you know too much. What has been seen cannot be unseen. You can’t go back: you’ll never forget the ghastly truth.
There are thousands of curious BREATHER folk like you who just couldn’t help themselves and who now fill the asylums. („Psychiatric Internment,” they call it.) We’re not so bad, but BLEACH stops at nothing to protect its massive cover-up and conspiracy.
If you’re a breather and STILL reading, then know this and know this good: You can be infected just by HANDLING the book. The only semi-SAFE way to read this material is to download the PDF. But there is a danger to just reading this stuff, it can put you on Watch List for one thing. Downloading this over a safe connection using a throwaway e-mail address is the only chance you won’t get tagged.
But, never mind. You don’t tell the cow about hamburgers. Consider it a kindness. You’re either one of them, one of us, or you’re lunchmeat.
This is the point of no return. We’ve done our best to wave you away. What happens after this is all on you. Your belief in a just, compassionate, and ordered universe is one of the lies you tell yourself to pretend that…
This book contains:
  • The complete guide to playing a Toxic (lucid zombie) in the XenoCosm, brought to you by Mark Rein•Hagen the creator of Vampire: The Masquerade, (plus W:tA, W:tO, C:tD), and the World of Darkness.
  • 288 full-color, beautifully illustrated, individually crafted bespoke pages. Nothing like this has ever been seen before in gaming.
  • A global overview of the world and its transit routes, hospices and Hellholes, with 8 pages of maps (everything from Detroit to Dubai).
  • Secret codes and/or puzzles on every page.
  • Descriptions of strains, cartels, and rackets, including 30+ WANTED posters.
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